"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

– John Kennell, M.D.

Student Midwife, Birth + Postpartum Doula, & Certified Placenta Specialist

  Amanda is passionate about providing support, education, encouragement, and advocacy to families during their childbearing years. Since beginning her career in 2014, she has taught more than 25 Childbirth Education Workshops, supported over 100 families during their labor & deliveries, and worked as a Midwife’s Assistant. During the Summer of 2017, Amanda felt called to begin the process of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. 


Although her journey in birth work has evolved over the years, Amanda's mission to support families has remained the same.

Amanda provides Doula Support, Childbirth Education, & Placenta Encapsulation Services to families around Colorado Springs.

"Without my doula, I could not have achieved my dream birth. Amanda gave me ideas, education, and support the entire time. Expecting mamas, please hire a doula.

A doula who is certified and whole heartedly supports your dream birth. I am genuinely forever grateful for my doula!"

Lauren A.

Here's what clients are saying about Amanda Smith Birth Services...


Birth Doula Support

As a birth doula, Amanda will work cohesively with her clients’ care providers as part of their birth team, offer emotional and physical support to the families that hire her, and operate professionally and inside of the doula's scope of practice at all times.


Childbirth Education Classes

Participants leave these classes feeling educated in evidence based birth practices, knowledgeable about all of their options, and confident about their upcoming births.
Private and Group Childbirth Education Classes are available.


Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is a time honored practice that boasts postpartum benefits such as increased milk supply, decreased risk for postpartum mood disorders, more balanced hormones & replenished vitamins and nutrients lost during delivery.

Amanda Smith, CD(DONA) amandasmithdoula@gmail.com


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