Meet Amanda!

While supporting her sister during labor and delivery in 2012, Amanda knew for certain that God was calling her to the ministry of birth work. She attended a DONA International Birth Doula Certification workshop in February 2014, fulfilled all of the requirements and submitted her paperwork in May, and was approved as a DONA Certified Birth Doula in September of 2014.

In July of 2017, Amanda began the certification process with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). Since then, she has been working as a Student Midwife in an apprenticeship, and she is working towards meeting all of the requirements to become a Certified Professional Midwife.


Amanda considers it an honor to walk with families through pregnancy, childbirth, and in to parenthood.

Amanda has been married to her husband Jason for 16 years, and she homeschools their five children.

The Smith family moved from South Mississippi to Colorado Springs in 2016, and they are loving life in Colorado!

Amanda Smith, Student Midwife


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