Doula Support Services

Postpartum Doula Support

$25 per hour

$90 for 4 hours

$175 for 8 hours

The birth of a new baby can bring big changes to a family. Postpartum doula support can help parents navigate the fourth trimester.

Care is customized based on the family's individual needs.

Services can include (but are not limited to):

  • Nourishing meals for postpartum recovery

  • Newborn care basics - diapering, bathing, comforting, etc

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Emotional and physical support

  • Family integration

  • Light housework

"The postpartum doula offers many services to her clients, but her main goals are to help “mother the mother” and nurture the entire family as they transition into life with a newborn."

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Birth Doula Support

For those birthing in their Home or Beginnings Birth Center


The Birth Doula Support Package includes:

  • 1-2 prenatal visits to discuss your birth plan, practice comfort techniques, and to answer any questions

  • access to my lending library of books and resources

  • unlimited phone/email support throughout pregnancy and postpartum

  • continuous physical, emotional, & informational support throughout labor and delivery

  • immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support 

  • 1 postpartum home visit including a meal for your family & additional breastfeeding support

10% off for Military Families! 

Private or Group Childbirth Education Classes


This 3 hour Childbirth Education Class is offered privately or in a group setting and is based on the Prepared Childbirth the Family Way Workbooks. Families will leave this class with up-to-date, evidence based information, knowing all of their options for labor and delivery, and feeling prepared for their upcoming birth. Discounts offered for group classes!

Amanda Smith, CD(DONA)


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